Bosque de Hayas
Bosque de Hayas
Casa GAMIOA Contacto con la naturaleza.
 Casa  GAMIOA     Contacto con la naturaleza.

The location of the farmhouse "Caserio" has outstanding views to Bearztun. There are many walks in the area through attractive countryside which is an area of outstanding natural beauty with forests of beech, oak and chestnuts. After a long walk in the summer there is a pool available for a refreshing dip.
The area has villages with castles and farmhouses made of rose stones, monasteries and medieval bridges. The mythology of the area includes megalith monuments, and tales of witches, pilgrims and smuggler
You can follow diverse routes such as the road of Santiago in Baztan and the trail of the smugglers which joins the groves of Urdaz, Augarramurdi and Sare. There are marvellous views of the Pyrenees which gives it an ideal place for rest and relaxation. There is ample opportunity to watch wildlife in their natural habitat, plus you could partake in fishing for trout.

GAMIOA is an ideal location to visit places of interest, for example:-
 -Señorio de Bertiz with its natural park.
 -Urdax with Ikaburu´s caves.
 -Zugarramurdi, near Akelarre, where there is the ‘Cave of the Witches’. This passed into history as the setting of alleged occult activity featured in the infamous Basque Witch Trials in the 17th Century. Every year fires are lit in the caves near Zugarramurdi for the celebration of the ‘Day of the Witch’ on the summer solstice.
 -Mount Larun is the most visited mountain in the Pyrenees. From the top the panoramic view extends from the summits of the Pyrenees to the beaches of the Basque coast and San Sebastian.
The waterfall of Xorronxin is the source of the Bidasoa river.
  -Quinto Real with a magnificent beech forest.
  -The Dolmens which are megalithic tombs built of stone.
  -The Museum of Oteiza which is home to the personal collection of Jorge Oteiza, one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century. 
Gamioa’s location is:
   -San Sebastian 65 km
   -Pamplona 54 km.
    -Biarritz 50 km.
You can experience horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, canoeing and many more outdoor activities, but most of all enjoy the legendary history of the Pediments and Ratchets all over the little villages of the Baztan valley.

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